Chipmunk Removal

Once you have an infestation of chipmunks, you may realize that chipmunks are not the cute, cuddly critters you thought they were. When present in large numbers, chipmunks become a nuisance as they destroy the landscaping and structure of a building by burrowing under foundations, patios, and walls.

Merlin’s Chipmunk Removal

  • Chipmunks belong to the squirrel family and are primarily ground-dwelling critters
  • Gray to reddish brown with dark stripes on the sides of their faces, back, and tail
  • Build burrows deep into the ground that can run between 20 to 30 feet long
  • Within these burrows they store food such as nuts, berries, and grains
  • Also devour flowers and their bulbs, plants, and birdseed
  • Will become adventurous during the day and will salvage any food it finds during its travels by stuffing it into their cheeks
  • Being the small builders that they are, chipmunks can dig holes into walls or find entranceways into your home through foundational structures
  • Commonly spotted in the basement or crawl space when they first arrive

As the number of chipmunks continues to grow on the property, interior and exterior damage can be done. Since chipmunks primarily work underground, they often destroy landscaping by chewing off the roots to plants, causing all flowers, trees, and shrubbery to die.

Chipmunk Removal

Inside the home, chipmunks are constantly digging holes or chewing away at interior structure, causing walls to weaken.

Looking for Chipmunk Removal?

Chipmunk removal differs from other wildlife removal services as chipmunks are considered rodents and are treated similar to rats or mice. Despite the species of chipmunks you may be seeing, our chipmunk exterminators are ready to apply a specially designed treatment to eliminate them from your home or building. Call Merlin’s Pest Control to protect your property from chipmunk damage.