Flea Scare Naturals Products

Flea-Scare Indoor Flea Control

Flea Scare Naturals Indoor Flea Control Flea Scare is a non-toxic, physical pesticide that kills fleas, eggs and larvae by desiccation. Flea Scare is registered with the environmental Protection Agency and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. The Active ingredient in Flea Scare has been classified by OSHA as amorphous which consists of skeletal remains from single-cell aquatic plants known as diatoms. Fleas cannot become immune to its action. Flea Scare has a fresh, clean scent and is available in an easy to use shaker container.

Shampoo Bar

Made from Goat’s milk

Flea Scare Naturals Shampoo Soap Bar Flea Scare Naturals Shampoo Bar is made from pure “Goat’s Milk.” Hand-crafted from farm fed goats it is a natural by-product and is a productive and ethical use of goat’s milk. Our shampoo bar is mild, moisturizing, and contains a special emollient that will sooth and exfoliate your pets skin. Bathing your pet is a healthy way to fight fleas and this special shampoo bar will help rid your pet of pests during the bathing process.

Herbal Pet Care

Flea Repellent for Domestic Animals, 6 oz. and 2 oz.

Flea Scare Naturals Flea Replellent Oil 2 oz.Flea Scare Naturals flea repellent 6 oz. Flea Scare Naturals Herbal Pet Care formula is a new one-of-a-kind product made with citronella oil (a liquid oil derived from dried cultivated grasses), that effectively target pests such as fleas, ticks, black flies and mosquitos. This custom blend of essential oils is one of Mother Nature’s finest defenses against target pests. Direct contact will render pests ineffective. Herbal Pet Care contains an omega 6 fatty acid which is said to be essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair coats on the feline and canine species. Our fast-acting yet natural product is remarkable and provides the best protection for your pet without chemical side effects. A little goes a long way. The active ingredients in this product have met Enviromental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture standards for effectiveness as well as safety.


Flea Scare Natural’s Catnip Catnip is a perennial that is part of the mint family. It is best known for its euphoric response in cats as they roll in ecstasy on fresh or dried catnip leaves. Nepetalactone chemicals that are responsible for this intoxication of cats are said to be similar to the natural sedative in Valerian. Our catnip is certified organic.