Merlin’s Spider Pest Control

All spiders are beneficial to the environment for they aid in controlling other insect populations. However, these unsightly creatures often frighten humans and their webs become a nuisance on and within the home. In North America alone, there are over 3,000 species of spiders, but all spiders can be divided into two categories; ground spiders and tree spiders.

Many of the spiders that are native to New Jersey are also common to the northeastern region of the United States. Every spider has venom, but very few are actually dangerous to humans and those that do have a poisonous bite, often do their best to avoid human contact. The most common species is the House spider. As the name suggests, House spiders inhabit human populated areas such as the home. While there are many types of House spiders, the two most common are the Brown House spider and Black House spider. Brown House spiders, also called cupboard spiders, reside in quiet, dark, and moist areas of a home such as in the garage, basement or crawl space. These are the spiders with the long skinny legs and tiny bodies. Brown House spiders are not as aggressive as other spiders and their bites do not have much of an impact on humans.

On the other hand, Black House spiders prefer to live in dark, dry sheltered cracks, and crevices throughout the home. They are often times seen making their webs on or around windows in order to feed upon flies, beetles, and other flying insects. Unlike Brown House spiders, a Black House spider’s bite can cause a person to have side effects such as muscular pain, weakness, nausea, and other symptoms. However, Black House spiders typically don’t bite a human unless they feel threatened.

The first sign of a spider or a web usually indicates that more spiders will be sure to come. Professional spider pest control is important to effectively eliminate all types of spiders on the exterior and interior areas of your home or building. Spiders are commonly found under roof overhangs, windows, cracks, crevices, garage doors, and other sheltered areas.