Merlin’s Stinkbug Exterminator

Merlin’s Stinkbug Exterminator

  • Natives of China, stink bugs were introduced to the United States many years ago by international commercial shipping
  • Each year, farmers and home and business owners spend millions of dollars repairing damage done to their properties by stink bugs
  • Stink bugs, actually spelled, “stinkbugs,” are brown in color with shield-like bodies. Most commonly known for their defense mechanism, which is a terrible odor that’s released when threatened
  • Do not have a specific diet and will feed on plants, crops, and trees
  • As the weather becomes colder, stinkbugs begin invading homes and offices to seek shelter for the winter
  • Enter homes by crawling through small cracks and crevices in walls, baseboards, window and door trims, chimneys, and other small openings in homes
  • They will assemble almost anywhere, including closets, crawlspaces, bookcases, under beds and sofas, and in attics

While stinkbugs can survive during the winter months inside your home, they will not breed. Stinkbugs are incapable of reproducing until early spring. However, they will attract nearby stinkbugs by releasing a chemical called an aggregation pheromone. When a stinkbug finds a safe and suitable home for the wintertime, the chemical is released to attract clusters of stinkbugs to the area. This aggregation pheromone is unfamiliar to their trademark smell.

As stinkbugs move throughout the structure, they end up in all rooms of the house and can intrigue the interest of household pets. If your dog or cat chooses to eat the stinkbug, their odor will linger in the mouth for a few days. The foul order released by stinkbugs can cause stomach irritation and could induce vomiting for pets if swallowed.

Stinkbug Exterminator

Contrary to common belief, it is recommended that you should not squash a stinkbug in order to kill it, better use a stink bug trap. On impact, the stinkbug will release their potent odor and will leave a stain on the surface on which it is killed. Other do-it-yourself methods such as sprays or vacuuming up stinkbugs are temporary solutions that prove to be ineffective over time.

Call a Merlin’s stinkbug exterminator to eliminate the stinkbugs you have now and prevent any others from entering your home.