Ultrasonic Pest Control

Do not plug ultrasonic pest controls into an outlet that is covered by curtains, or is obscured by furniture. To be effective they must point straight into the room, or area being covered. Also do not position the pest repellers on opposite sides of the room, facing each other, as this will cause phase cancellation which will greatly reduce the coverage area. Their coverage is limited to an unobscured area. Walls and doors will dampen down (or mask) the ultrasonic signal, eventually diminishing it to the point where will be ineffective. The ultrasonic signal is above human hearing, but still acts similar to the high frequencies that we hear from our stereos. This device is highly effective at ridding your home of rodents, by irritating them with this ultrasonic frequency.

Crawl Spaces and Attics can benefit from Ultrasonic pest controls used to eliminate Rodent, Bats, and Squirrels.

Using a product that sweeps frequencies is a must. Sweeping the frequencies, keeps the pest from becoming accustom to the irritation and eventually immune.

Pied Piper Chemicals was established in 1983, by Bob Mc Loughlin, a qualified scientist, and is Ireland’s leading manufacturer of pest control products. With over 25 years experience in manufacturing and servicing we can provide comprehensive solutions to a wide range of pest problems.

With sites in Munster and Leinster, Pied Piper is ideally located to provide a nationwide service. We are committed to providing safe, quality, and environmentally sound products and services, which are specially formulated to address the needs of the Irish market.

Pied Piper is a family run business and as such offer personal attention to each and every customer from the time of initial product order to service completion.

Pied Piper is also available to manufacture to companies using their own brand and logo and will make all necessary applications to relevant departments to obtain a licence.