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Most pest control companies’ treatment plan for rats fail. They come to your home, spray some chemicals and lay a few traps–meanwhile the rats are still going in and out of your ceiling, spreading disease, and multiplying. We specialize in removing and trapping every rat, cleaning up their toxic mess, repairing any damage they’ve created, and then permanently excluding them from your home or business. The owner of our company has worked for the Center for Disease Control studying rats and discovering new diseases. Our work is backed by our 2-year no hassle warranty. All services and warranties are provided by Rodent Proof, LLC, the leading provider of rodent and rat-related services. Schedule your free estimate today!

Our Service

Home Owners – We will put an end to problem roof rats or pack rats. Our work is guaranteed to keep the rats away. We make your home impenetrable to rats preventing damage and the spread of diseases. We perform detailed estimates and inspections, use quality materials, train our own employees (not sub-contractors), and provide timely and professional service.

Businesses – We have helped hundreds of business owners permanently put an end to problem rats. We have the skill set and tools needed to work on industrial buildings, parking garages, shopping centers, churches, office and retail condos, restaurants, and even airports. The management team has an extensive background in biological studies and years of field experience in dealing with even the most problematic infestations.

Property Managers – Regardless of the type of property, whether on a small scale such as a duplex or an entire subdivision, we are your partner in pest management. We will assess your specific situation and offer a detailed report with a well-defined plan of action.  When needed, a representative of Rodent Proof will give an in-depth presentation on concerns specific to the property or HOA. We are one of the few pest control companies in the state with the resources and know-how to treat properties on the community level.

Government – We have helped local governments, cities, and municipalities put an end to wildlife problems such as rats, bats, and pigeons. We will put together a cost-effective and efficient solution to any rat infestation problem. Over the years we have partnered with many government agencies to clean up buildings affected by infestations and rodent waste.